New & Noteworthy: Sarah Williams White – Nebula

It’s been more than five years since Sarah Williams White last dropped any new music, so we’re excited to welcome her back!¬†White makes a much-welcomed return after a hiatus, in which she became a mother, with ‘Nebula’, the first song from her upcoming sophomore album, ‘Unfathomable’, due later this year; a decade after her self-released debut single.

Speaking about the track, White says, “after giving birth, I saw this completely unique new life and force of energy. My daughter’s eyes are mind blowing every time I look into them, like a gateway. Everything about her brand new and yet genetically she also carries this rich colourful history, just like nebulae. Reminds me that we’re all made up of the same molecular stuff as stars and space..”

In her signature genre-defying sound, she evokes Peggy Lee’s voice, Hiatus Kaiyote’s tapestried harmony, Little Dragon’s beats, and Kate Bush’s experimental production taking us into a world like no other. ‘Nebula’ is a wonderful composition that was well worth the wait! Welcome back, SWW.

CF Smith

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