Francesco Cavaliere and Tomoko Sauvage release collaborative album

Tomoko Sauvage and Francesco Cavaliere unveiled their collaborative album, titled Viridescens, last week.

Three of the projects five pieces were recorded initially by Pratik Dasgupta at the Empty Gallery, Hong Kong, in 2017. Across the album, Cavaliere and Sauvage, you’ll hear the sounds of water, glass, clay, bamboo xylophones, metallophones and synthesizers.

Viridescens channels the spirit of the colour green and finds the pair exploring a Chinese myth about a man wearing a green hat, the naming of Japanese traffic lights, and the imaginary chants of frolicking twin dolphins.

Speaking in an interview, Sauvage explains, “When you are actually surrounded by green musical instruments, it has a calming effect as if you were looking at a forest or mountain.”

Stream the album in its entirety below and find out more about Viridescens here.


1. 戴绿帽⼦子 (dài lǜ màozi) a man with a green hat

2. Rainforest Synthesis

3. ≒ AO (blue light is green)

4. Twin Emerald Dolphins

5. Jade Lake

Viridescens is out now via Marionette

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