Chicago based alt-Latinx band Dos Santos release new single/video on International Anthem

Chicago-based alt-Latinx band Dos Santos share a new single/video titled ‘A Shot in the Dark’.

Released via International Anthem, ‘A Shot in the Dark’ is sung distinctively in the Huapango huasteco style, and Dos Santos’ folkloric cantation contrasts the track’s futuristic sonic landscape. 

Dos Santos consists of drummer Daniel Villarreal, percussionist Peter ‘Maestro’ Vale, bassist Jaime Garza, guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Nathan Karagianis, and multi-instrumentalist/singer/lyricist Alex Chavez. 

Watch the vibrant stop-motion animated video created by Miguel Jara in collaboration with Pilsen and Amara Rebel Betty Martín above.

A Shot in the Dark is out now – buy here.


Una noche muy serena, al mirar las estrellitas,
yo quisiera una azucena; córtala con tus manitas,
para disfrutar mi pena quitándole las hojitas.

Soñé que te iba besar, pero tu desapareces
al tiempo de despertar; tuve que dormir dos veces,
tuve que dormir dos veces para volverte a soñar.

Flores de colores sueño.
Hojarasca verde veo.
Cielo azul, el sol, y viento.
Piel canela y ojos negros.

Una noche muy serena, al mirar las estrellitas.

Upon this serene night, as I gaze up at the stars,
I so desire a lily flower; cut it with your little hands,
so I may bask in the pain of removing its petals.

I dreamed I was about to kiss you, but you disappear
at the moment I wake; twice I drifted into slumber,
twice I drifted into slumber so I could dream you again.

I dream of colorful flowers.
I see green foliage.
Blue skies, the sun, and wind.
Cinnamon skin and dark eyes.

Upon this serene night, as I gaze up at the stars.

CF Smith

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