Duo Brothers return to Raw Tapes for new LP, Cookie Stars

Raw Tapes is releasing a new album by the Duo Brothers, called Cookie Stars, on 28th July.

It follows last years self-titled debut LP, which was also released on Raw Tapes.

Visionary Tel Aviv artists Sol Monk (drums) and Yonatan Levy (guitar/bass) have taken the cool from their debut album to another level, lifting off into “spaceship jazz” territory. Think Khrubangin meets psychedelic jazz: groovy synths, soft riffs, and flowing beats all effortlessly bounce off of one another, masterfully spaced and minimalistic, leaving each room to breathe.

The title track which you can hear above sits somewhere between psychedelia and jazz. With its smooth guitar melody and subtle drums, the duo creates a blissfully elevating soundscape.

Pre-order Cookie Stars here, and check out the tracklisting below.


  1. Cookie Stars
  2. La Fa
  3. Life Is Wolt
  4. So Many Hits (feat. Avishai Cohen)
  5. Rough Waters
  6. Shrooms For Everyone
  7. Memory Man
  8. Halom (A Dream)
  9. Princess Tahini
  10. I Got To Go (feat. Avishai Cohen)
  11. I Want To Be Alone
  12. Ballade
  13. The Outrider
  14. A King That Walks Down The Street And Says Hi
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