Video: Kozmodrum – Wormhoooooooooole…

Wormhoooooooooole… perfectly sets the tone to Kozmodrum‘s forthcoming eponymous album on Rika Muzika. Today, we’re sharing the animated music video which you can watch below.

The lead track was the first tune written after the band’s debut album ‘Na Tragu Satelita’ (2016) and it has been developing over the years until reaching its final form on the LP.

Founded by Janko Novoselić (drums, percussion, synths, sounds & fx), Kozmodrum’s is completed by Goran Delač (bass), Hrvoje Galler(keyboards), Ivan Kapec (guitar), and Elvis Penava (guitar).

“After our first two albums, that were each very different in their own way – the first one being an exploration of jazz/fusion moods and the second veering toward more electronic/ambient atmospheres) this album is the most truthful representation of how we really sound live“ says, Novoselić.

If you love the track, head here to pre-order their upcoming album!


1. Povratak na Parni Pogon
2. Love Song
3. Dubai Moon Station
4. SwankY
5. Wormhoooooooooole…
6. New Magic Ride!

Press notes: While offering snippets of undefinable, futuristic aspirations, the evolving, musical themes across the album provide a headlong dash for new horizons, connecting instrumental soundscapes into what can only be described as a magic ride to the world of Kozmodrum.

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