Alfa Mist announces new album, Bring Backs

East London producer/ composer Alfa Mist made his debut in 2014 collaborating with Emmavie on the recently rereleased Epoch EP. Since then he’s released two solo LP’s and EP’s. He’s also worked with drummers Yussef Dayes, Richard Spaven ( 44th Move) and producer Lester Salmins ( 2nd Exit).

We’ve shared a lot of his music with you in the past six years. Remember the entrancing ‘Dreams’ featuring Carmody from 2015, how was was that? Today he announced details of his third solo album Bring Backs, alongside the lead cut ‘Run Outs’. You can watch the accompanying visual directed by Johny Pitt below.

Speaking about the track he explains, ““Run Outs” is a street game I remember playing when I was younger. I used to think of making beats and playing with a band as separate worlds until I realised I was always trying to achieve the same thing. Making the music I want to make. With the song “Run Outs” I’m bringing together the vibe of my earliest beats with where I’m at today.”

The nine-song album features longtime collaborators Jamie Leeming (guitar), Kaya Thomas-Dyke (bass and vocals), Jamie Houghton (drums) and Johnny Woodham (trumpet) as well as rapper Lex Amor.

Check out the wonderfully arranged track in which Alfa Mist travels between the borderlines of jazz and hip hop, ‘Run Outs’ is one you’ll keep coming back to. 


  1. Teki
  2. People (ft. Kaya Thomas-Dyke)
  3. Mind The Gap (ft. Lex Amor)
  4. Run Outs
  5. Last Card (Bumper Cars)
  6. Coasting
  7. Attune
  8. Once A Year
  9. Organic Rust

Bring Backs album will be released via ANTI- on 23rd April, grab your copy here.

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