New & Noteworthy: Stain – Malik Ambar

Stain - Malik Ambar.

Some new gold from Stain, a producer who crept on our radar a few months back.

The New Delhi producers work explores the plethora of darkness through his creations with deep basslines, dark soundscapes and experimental drum patterns.

The new track called ‘Malik Ambar’ is named after the famous black general/ruler who used to rule the Deccan region. He was sold to the Sultan of the Horn of Africa later sold to an Indian Rulers. 

On ‘Malik Ambar’ he serves up a delicous recipe of thick warbling bassline, rolling rhythms and heavy dub darkness, this tune is unreal!

Tune in below and head here to read the history of Malik Ambar!

Malik Ambar is out now– buy from Bandcamp.


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