Track By Track Guide: Abro – Leaf Boy

Track By Track Guide: Abro - Leaf Boy.

Our Track By Track‘ guides see some of our favourite artists break down the stories behind their music. For the latest in the feature, South African bassist Gilad Abro takes us through the compositions on his Leaf Boy album.

The stunning 11-track record is the latest instalment in Raw Tapes’ Time Grove Selections series.

Abro’s open-minded approach to music stands out in this eclectic LP, across the collection he serves up a wide range of sounds from electronic jazz to contemporary R&B, jazzy flavoured house rhythms to tracks with a more experimental texture.

The album features a stunning array of talented instrumentalists including Amir Bresler, Sefi Zisling, Nitai Hershkovits, Nomok as well as sublime vocalists like KerenDun, Karolina, Echo.

Check out Abro’s track by track guide and listen to ‘Much Love To Give’ his masterly collaboration with trumpeter and Twistedsoul fave Sefi Zisling below.


Leaf Boy is the first song and the title of the album. The idea was to have a loop that grew in itself, slowly shaping into a new form or structure. A metamorphosis like nature. It reminded me of my childhood in South Africa, growing up amongst the trees and nature.

Meantime Springtime starts with a unison line that develops into a wide optimistic space of colors. Giving us a feeling of growth and uprising. Like the growth of nature in springtime.

Honey Bee is a collaboration with the great KerenDun. I dreamt about this groove a few nights before the recording, and as we played it, we all felt the organic twist to it. Tom Robins influenced Keren Dun’s singing and writing. The psychedelic attitude, the juicy words and the diverse subjects we all go through in life.

Much Love To Give is a collaboration with Sefi Zisling. It has a modern form that gives a warm feeling enhanced from the beautiful trumpet sounds of Sefi. An idea that started from Nitai Hershkovits, created and formed into a beautiful setting like in the wintertime.

Angels is a collaboration with the great soulful singer Karolina. The song is a creation that came from purest feelings Karolina and I share we wanted through music and words to feel pure love, to the sun, the sea and life and all creatures on this world with no judgement.

I Won’t Live Alone is a mellow tune. It has a 5/4 signature with a bluesy vibe to it. The name gives its lonely energy feeling as if walking in the street and thinking of life living alone with all its ups and downs.

Did Our Best is one of three songs in this album that was created just me and the amazing producer rejoicer in his studio. It has a tribal vibe to it, like a tribe dancing around a fire in the jungle. It gives us a feeling of movement and moving forward in life.

Always Here is a collaboration with Echo. It talks about communication between loved ones. Trying to distinguish the difference between love to emotional need, It has a beautiful dark twist to it. With chords played by the electric bass and beautiful, emotional groovy drums played by the amazing Amir Bresler.

Parenthood Galore feat. Rejoicer is another gem that came out of the session we did with just the two of us. It has lots of bass and synths giving a groovy and dance vibe to it. We wanted to give a feeling of the wind and the breeze of a beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

Spam Day is a tune with a modern twist tune, a feeling of living in a crazy and media world we all live in, giving away our concentration to a digital world we all live in with FOMO addiction to a screen.

Guessing Game is the last tune to the album and the third collaboration Rejoicer, and I did with just the two of us. We wanted to make people feel the space between the notes and music with no time. To connect to a different sound, a kind of mantra of meditation.



Leaf Boy arrives today via Raw Tapes. Buy from Bandcamp.

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