Sven Kacirek teams up with Kenyan singer Olith Ratego

Twistedsoul - ODD OKODDO.

Sven Kacirek makes a welcome return with new music!

The Greman multi-instrumentalist has teamed up with none other than Kenyan singer Olith Ratego for a new track OkitwoyeIt’s the first excerpt from their upcoming album titled Auma.

Splitting his time between Kenya and Germany, Kacirek has worked with the likes of Nils Frahm, Shabaka Hutchings and Daniel Mburu Muhuni. Olith Ratego is an expert vocalist of the dodo style, which originates from the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya. He is also a highly skilled luthier, designing and building his string instruments first of all the five-stringed Okodo which lends its name to the project.

Debut single ‘Okitwoye’, which comes with a sublime Peter Power remix, reflect the duo’s multicultural roots, swinging with jazz rhythm and lilting with a melancholia Ratego calls’ dodo blues.’

We’re loving this sparse afro electronic sound and can’t wait to hear what ODD OKODDO bring with the rest of the LP which is out later this year.

The single is part 10 of Hamburg-based label Pingipung’s ongoing “concentrical series” of 7inches.

Press play below, then head over to Bandcamp to cop the vinyl.     


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