Aporia draw on exotica, library music & fantasy pop for new album, Hotel Aporia

Twistedsoul - Aporia.

Berlin-based band Aporia have returned with a new track, this time sharing their single ‘Moog In Cairo’. The song is another tantalising taster from their upcoming second album ‘Hotel Aporia’ which arrives next month via Cosmic Compositions and Fantasy Fiction.

The new record sees the band led by Mitchell O’Sullivan delving into the sounds of exotica, library music and fantasy pop. According to the label the album brings elements of old Hollywood drama and Lynchian mystery to the unexpected setting of a tropical beachfront hotel.

‘Moog In Cairo’ features woozy surf guitar lines, dreamy harmonies, backed up by a warm layering of percussion, and lush synths.  It’s pure magic a and must listen before Aporia releases their new album.

Speaking about the track O’Sullivan says:

“This piece explores a ‘possible worlds’ journey through a future and imagined Cairo. This fictional and phantasmic trek through this imaginary future land became a tool and lens to study the past, present and future. We try to see into the future to imagine where the human race might be going but also to pay homage to where we have been and come from.”

Get through the rest of your week and keep this track on rotation!


Aporia - Hotel Aporia.


1. Driving
2. South Seas Beijing
3. Moon Taxi
4. Helium
5. Hawaiian Noir
6. Cloud Lodge
7. Moog in Cairo
8. News from Nowhere
9. Isles in Motion / Shipwreck Bay
10. Secret Fields

Hotel Aporia arrives on 14/09 via Cosmic Compositions & Fantasy Fiction. Pre-order from Bandcamp.

CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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