Tokyo Dawn announces debut LP by A. Billi Free featuring production from Tensei

Tokyo Dawn announces debut LP by A. Billi Free featuring production from Tensei.A. Billi Free is a hugely talented artist from Ohio, whose slowly making a name for herself with her vibrant fusion of hip-hop, electronic and soul music.

This August her debut LP entitled ‘I Luma’ will arrive via Tokyo Dawn Records featuring production from the mighty Tensei.

Today we’re sharing the LP’s lead track ‘Flourish’ which features jazz multi-instrumentalist Angel Bat Dawid on clarinet. Peep the track, and it’s accompanying animated music video directed by Scott Iulianelli below.

Speaking to Afropunk about the visual, she explains:

“Flourish” is a wish to continually discover and improve, personally and collectively, with the blessings of our guides and an innate power that is our birthright. Scott Iulianelli of Analog Prints Productions is the animator. I really dug the visuals he did for The Lasso’s “Heaven” video and decided to pitch his work for the I Luma project. The music is definitely a hand-clappin’/foot-stompin’ bop; but, to me, it also elicits a feeling of calmness, well-being and confidence that Scotty translated well into the visuals. Bright colors, sun after a rainy day and blooming flowers; like a long hang in the park with friends talking about y’ all’s hopes and visions.

We can’t wait to hear the rest of this record, so far, it sounds magical!

Pre-order a copy of I Luma here ahead of its August 12th release, and check out the tracklist below.


1. Flourish feat. Angel Bat Dawid
2. Feel It Coming
3. Against The Wall
4. Movement
5. Bold Heart
6. Enchanted
7. Alright With Me
8. Rushing In
9. Halogen
10. Frontier
11. Erosion


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