Brainfeeder announces new Salami Rose Joe Louis album, Zdenka 2080


Brainfeeder announces new LP by Salami Rose Joe Louis, Zdenka 2080.

Returning with not one but two new tracks, Bay Area-based musician, composer, and producer Salami Rose Joe Louis is back, not just with fresh tunes but news of her debut album for Brainfeeder.

The 22-track LP called ‘Zdenka 2080’ which arrives August 30th finds Louis drawing influence from a series of apocalyptic sci-fi novels by Octavia Butler and Gene Wolf.

Speaking about the novels she explains, “They inspired me to explore the realms of fantasy as a means of illuminating concepts and truths about our own society and humanity. I also was very inspired by the movies Tekkonkinkreet and Embrace of the Serpent – a beautiful exploration of capitalism, colonialism and greed.”

Zbenka 2080 continues where her eariler releases left off as Louis creates a soundscape that’s a patchwork of sweet vocals and lo-fi beats, sprinkled amongst the calming melodies that make up her outside-of-the-box sleepy jams.

To get us on the mood for the upcoming project you can stream ‘Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)’ above and watch the video for ‘Octagonal Room’ directed by Japhy Riddle below.

Brainfeeder announces new LP by Salami Rose Joe Louis, Zdenka 2080.



1.  Suddenly
2.  Octagonal Room
3.  She Wakes Up / First Dimension
4.  Love the Sun
5.  Cirrus Floccus / Second Dimension
6.  Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)
7.  Nostalgic Montage
8.  Meet Zee in 3-D / Third Dimension
9.  Confessions of the Metropolis Spaceship
10.  A Brief Intermission
11.  Sitting with Thoughts
12.  Earth Creature
13.  Peculiar Machine / Fourth Dimension
14.  Drifting
15.  You Get Blue
16.  Diatoms and Dinoflagellates / Fifth Dimension
17.  Transformation of a Molecule / Sixth Dimension
18.  The Artist / Seventh Dimension
19.  Collision, Gravity, Time
20.  Heads Turn to Paintings
21.  Cosmic Dawn / Eighth Dimension
22.  To Be Continued…

Zdenka 2080 is out on 30/08 via Brainfeeder. Pre-order here.

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