New & Noteworthy: Tyranni Flock – Ujung Kulon

Tyranni Flock share new track.

With their new EP out in the next few months, Amsterdam jazz quintet Tyranni Flock have shared the visual for the lead track ‘Ujung Kulon’.

Tyranni Flock consist of Robert van der Padt on keys, Hidde Roorda on bass, Willem van der Krabben on drums, Itai Weissman on EWI and Remi J. Edson on flute.

We’ll get to the vibrant music visual in a bit, but first, the song is fantastic! Throughout the they cleverly splice together an unusual mix of wonky electronics, birdsongs, reggae vibes and warming woodwind sounds. Much like the South-American tyranni bird, they happily sing and scream, whistle and shriek most delightfully.

The visual filmed while bandleader and keys player van der Padt was travelling in Indonesia.

Speaking to Supreme Standards about the song title van der Padt explains:

“I was traveling Indonesia and visiting places where my grandmother – a daughter of Dutch colonists – had been born and grew up. Together with a local friend we traveled to the Ujung Kulon National Park, last resort of the Asian rhino, and took a three-day hike. At some point during our second day, my friend asked, “how do you compose music?”. As a response, I decided to include him in a simple jam right there. So we hit on trees with sticks and used the name “Ujung Kulon” to create a hook for a bassline. I recorded with my phone, and back at home it became the start of what is now our single Ujung Kulon’, keeping the sung riff as our bass part.”

Bringing a little sunshine to this grey Thursday morning, the inspiring, and beautiful video might just ignite the wanderlust that burns inside us all.

We can’t wait to hear the rest of this record, so far, it sounds magical!                                   

Ujung Kulon is out now. Buy here.

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