Interview/ Music Premiere: Voyager II

Interview/ Music: Voyager II

London guitar and drum duo Voyager II make a welcome return to the site with new single Falling.

The duo consisting of Eamon Foreman on guitar and Sergiu Fanica on drums come through with another entirely immersive number that sees them further their unique blend of jazz and electronica, this time arriving at a path that is a euphoric mix of eroded samples, warm guitar chords and heavy, hip-hop-tinged drum beats.

Dive deep into the gorgeous electronic jazz soundscapes and let the ambient waves and dreamy atmospherics wash over you.

Stream the new single exclusively on the site above.

Ahead of tomorrow’s release, check out our interview with Eamon and Sergiu below.

How are you doing today?

We’re doing good!

What’s the story behind your name?

We always aim to travel when we play music, to explore different emotional and imaginative states, and Voyager II seemed like the perfect fit.

Five words to describe Voyager II?

Healing, explorative, colourful, in-the-moment and organic

How did you guys meet and end up making music together?

We met through the experimental improvised scene in London. We happened to cross paths at a free-jazz jam session and just clicked! We started playing together a lot from then on.

Can you tell us the story behind your new track Falling?

The majority of our music is centred around the notion that music can heal, and provide a form of sustenance to both musicians and listeners. This particular piece was named ‘Falling’ because it felt, to us, like falling through space and arriving at another world…

Falling Artwork

Your sound encompasses so many genres. Where do your musical influences come from?

We try and take from whatever inspires us, whether that be hip-hop, electronic, jazz, experimental music or anything else. Sometimes art and nature, and life in general, already give so much that musical influences can become secondary.

What piece of equipment can you not live without, and why?

Eamon: My guitar is at the centre of my musical world; it’s the first thing I go to when I need to try and express something, so it would have to be that.

Sergiu: The SP404sx sampler because of its simplicity and easy workflow.

Three things we should know about Voyager II?

We’re aiming to release an EP early next year.

Improvisation is at the heart of what we do, and our live shows are a mix of free-flow jazz, ambient electronic soundscapes and compositions.

We’ll be coming to a space station near you, so keep your eyes peeled…

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