Electronic weaves through traditional African percussion music in Nicolas Gaunin’s Noa Noa Noa

Nicolas Gaunin - Noa Noa Noa.

Italian electronic musician Nicolas Gaunin‘s 2018 LP Noa Noa is getting a new lease of life, this July via Hive Mind Records.

Released digitally and on cassette in February last year by Italian label Artetetra Records, the album restyled as Noa Noa Noa is getting its first vinyl release.

Incredibly, most of the tracks on the album were recorded live in one take with all the songs written, recorded and produced by Gaunin.

Drawing on influences from music from around the world, Noa Noa Noa takes inspiration from composer Gyorgy Ligeti, Italian DJ Danielle Baldelli, Moondog, Harry Partch, Francis Bebey and more.

The label says “Noa Noa Noa ends up sounding something like an imaginary soundtrack to the Nintendo Gameboy version of a lost William S. Burroughs novel.”

Julian Tardo remastered the re-release at Church Road Studio which features new artwork by Theo Payne and also includes three new tracks.

Head here for more info ahead of its 12th July release, Listen to the off-kilter grooves of ‘Rongo’ and check out the tracklisting below.



1. {6}
2. Arohiohi
3. Rongo
4. Noa Noa
5. Vava’u
6. Marama
7. Manao Tupapau
8. Ao Toto
9. Tumu Haari
10. WhatU
11. Haamauruuru


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