Copenhagen-based artist Nejrup shares debut EP Manda

Twistedsoul - Nejrup

The latest release from Creak Inc Records comes from Copenhagen-based multitalented musician Nejrup.

MANDA is a selection of intricate compositions for the dancefloor with a jazz centred approach to combining dance grooves, modular soundscapes and live instrumentation.

The self-taught pianist, synthesist, and producer’s debut recording comes off more like the work of a seasoned professional a result of years of experimentation and never-ending practice on his Fender Rhodes and homebuilt synth collection.

The opener’ Manda’ sets the tone with its warming grooves and richness of the production. The pulsating, uptempo ‘Calm Cacophony’ with its airy synths and syncopated rhythms echoes of Floating Points with its foot in both jazz and ambience. Elsewhere ‘Manda (Version)’ stretches out the original into an experimental space jazz jam while closing the record is a mellow broken beat remix of ‘Calm Cacophony’ by London producer K15.

This is an excellent introduction into Nejrup’s virtuoso talents and here’s hoping that next time out we’ll get an LP worth of music.

The Manda EP is out now via Creak Inc. Records. Buy from Bandcamp or Juno.

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