Album: Jitwam – HONEYCOMB

Twistedsoul ~ Jitwam

ज़ितम सिहँ, the debut album from Jitwam, was a masterclass in jazz/soul-rooted beat sculptures, with each track buried beneath a haze of fuzzy psychedelia and broken microphone blues. HONEYCOMB continues where his debut LP left off.

From the warm guitar riffs, and smooth basslines of opener ‘busstop’ onwards, you know you’re in for something very special with HONEYCOMB. It’s a wildly adventurous and at times very tender record. Tracks like ‘opendoors’ and ‘i’m a rock’ bring a bouncy and energetic soulful edge to proceedings. Elsewhere ‘hearts don’t lie’, ‘country & western’ and ‘aria’s song’ encompassed a more warm and mellow aesthetic, with heartfelt lyrics, soft-spoken vocals and smooth instrumentation.

Recorded at the Steam Room Sessions studio in London, where Natureboy Flako lent his talents to jitwam’s compositions across some intimate collaborative sessions.

Features on the LP include London artist Marie Bashiru, Henry Wu-collaborator Nick Walton; and frequent Brooklyn-based collaborator Aquiles Navarro.

Listen to the new album on this page before heading to Juno or Norman Records, where you can buy it.                                                                                                        

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