Kit Sebastian fuse Anatolian Psychedelia and Brazilian Tropicalia on debut solo LP, Mantra Moderne

Twistesoul ~ Kit Sebastian
Kit Sebastian the duo formed in London by Kit Martin and Merve Erdem will release their debut album ‘Mantra Moderne’ this July.

Recorded to 8-track tape in rural France last year, Mantra Moderne traverses from Anatolian Psychedelia to Brazilian Tropicalia via 60’s European pop and American jazz.

The album features eleven songs composed by Kit and Merve writing all the lyrics – each track was completed within a 12-hour window, pawning contemplation for spontaneity. The duo uses an array of instruments across the project from tablas, darbukas, balalaikas, ouds, MS20 synths, Farfisa organs and a lot of cuicas.

Watch the video for the title track directed by Merve Erdem above.

Kit Sebastian’s Mantra Moderne arrives on 19th July via Mr Bongo. Pre-order here.


1. Senden Başka
2. Mantra Moderne
3. Tyranny 20
4. Pangea
5. Kuytu
6. Yanımda Kal
7. Yürüdüm, Büyüdüm, Çürüdüm
8. With A Sense Of Grace
9. Durma

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