Yazz Ahmed teams up with Sophie Bass on limited 12″ vinyl record

IXCHEL are simmering with excitement to present a super limited release from the formidable Yazz Ahmed entitled ‘A Shoal of Souls’.

Yazz Ahmed marks the final chapter of her 2017 LP ‘La Saboteuse’ with a limited release called ‘A Shoal of Souls’.

This exciting new song builds on the forward-thinking jazz created on ‘La Saboteuse’ by pushing her sonic explorations beyond the constraints of genre classifications.

Gorgeous, dreamy textures intertwine, as Ahmed reaches heavenly heights with her trumpet on this beautiful new track.


Amid the swirling trumpet sounds, the band made up of George Crowley (bass clarinet), Samuel Hällkvist (guitar), Ralph Wyld (vibraphone), Naadia Sheriff (piano), Dudley Phillips (bass guitar), Corrina Silvester (percussion) and Martin France (drums) perfectly complement her masterful playing with style and grace.

The super limited release which comes on heavyweight vinyl is backed with artwork by frequent collaborator Sophie Bass on the flipside. The young Bristol-based artist created a whirlpool of fish and souls spinning backwards into the ocean when played, embodying the voice of the music.

‘A Shoal of Souls’ is out now. Click here for more info and check out the fantastic artwork below.

Yazz Ahmed teams up with Sophie Bass on limited 12″ vinyl record.

A Shoal of Souls is out now via XCHEL. Buy here.


CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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