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Interview_ Tulin

We’re big fans of South London based multi-instrumentalist and producer Tulin, here at Twistedsoul and we’re super excited to share her new track titled WAH WAH.

Following her last track ‘D&D’ this new one is loaded with the wonderfully quirky yet catchy vibes we’ve now come to expect from Tulin.

Riding the buzz of her self-titled debut EP which our homie Martin Boev at In Search Of Media described as having “key-heavy and meditative production that sounds so meditative and spiritual in tone,” she’s most definitely a name worth noting.

We caught up with Tulin to talk about collaborations, creative process and her fave up-and-coming new artist. Read our interview and make sure to stream WAH WAH below.


For those who don’t know you yet, could you please introduce yourself?

I’m a born and bred North Londoner, a classically trained pianist and drummer come producer who occasionally sings and aims to push through any musical structure I feel placed onto me.

How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

I always find it hard to take myself out of my music and see it from an objective perspective, but i’ve been told it’s alien, experimental, psychedelic- or sounds like I’m on drugs basically (which I’m not by the way). I listen to a range of stuff – jazz, R&B, rock, indie, classical and grew up mainly on rock and 90s stuff (shoutout to B2K) and i’m sure that inevitably comes through in the music.

So, tell us a bit about the creative process behind the Tulin EP?

One big improvisation. The whole thing was super organic, and the structure of all of the tracks came about in one full take. I sort of like to honour each idea when it comes my way, so am reluctant to tamper with concepts once I’m out of that creative state. I fleshed the sections out maximised the main themes but really I wanted an accurate depiction of what was in my head, for example, vocals in the chorus of Patience are interweaving/muddled- kind of chaotic and panned all over to convey the anxiety feeling the pressure of time. Each track acted sort of as a time stamp for prominent themes in my life that all come under the same umbrella- a struggle between the spirit and the human body which comes with ego, the constraints and ongoing pressures of time and insignificant anxieties.

You’ve worked with had some exciting artists like Scott Xylo, Jung Mergs and Diamant Ballou. Tell us more about those and how they came about?

Again, the whole thing with each of them was proper organic. I met all of them through friends of friends and in sessions. The creation process is always spontaneous- it’s usually a case of us chilling in my house and having a jam and recording the jam and just enjoying each others presence and musicality. Diamant is basically my soulmate- we connect so purely and easily musically that each time she’s around we end up just jamming out and creating . Jung is part of the Plus Tribe lot, and I spent a massive amount of time at their studio with 2FIZZY mixing and mastering the EP so naturally connected- he played me Low Tones and I got this melodic idea that he liked so he sent over the track and boom. Same story with Scott Xylo- a good friend brought him round, we started jamming and just ended up recording a few bits.

A few of your Instagram post have you playing the drums and piano. How many and what instruments do you play?

Those are my main ones. When I was younger I was super curious so tried loads of others- I went through cello, violin, steel pans, guitar and I think at one point the recorder. Piano I’ve been playing since I was five and I landed on the drum kit at 13 and decided I wanted to know as much about both as possible so decided to study both classically through to the end- those two are the ones that stuck.

What else is coming up for you in 2019?

I’ve got loads of tracks to come! I’ll be putting out stuff steadily across the year and have more stuff with Diamant and Scott Xylo too. The newer tracks aren’t held back at all and are definitely more explorative and incorporative of more of my skills. Other than that, just continual musical growth and expansion.

And lastly, any artists bubbling under the radar you want to shout out?

Shouts to the Plus Tribe Gang – so much exciting stuff coming from them, Scott Xylo, the Rhythm & Reason lot and basically everyone who’s doing this authentically on the same journey of self-discovery through music!

Have a lovely day.

WAH WAH is out now.

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