Video: Cy Gorman & Wu Kush – Prophit

Melbourne artists Cy Gorman and Wu Kush team up to create an audio/visual collaboration.

Having both released separately on Ennio Styles’ Heard and Felt, this is the first time they’ve worked together for the label.

If you’re not familiar with the pair, Gorman is a multi-instrumentalist, multi-genre and multimedia artist, while Wu Kush (aka Juxtpose/JXTPS) is a jazz-trained guitarist turned techno maestro.

Upon hitting play, you’ll find yourself instantly taken on a pulsating ride with ‘Prophit’. The result of this pairing is a hypnotic slo-mo techno/deep house jam with rippling Juno keys that’s perfect for starting a set or playing when the sun comes up!

Check out the Cy Gorman directed visual which pokes a bit of fun at the seriousness of the genre and finds the guys jamming on toy instruments.

Dive in, you won’t want to miss this one.

Prophit is out now, Buy here.


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