Guest Playlist: Kayla Painter


Painting with sound.

For this weeks guest playlist, we are super excited to welcome Kayla Painter.

We’ve kept our eye on the Bristol-based sound explorer ever since she dropped herCannibals at Sea’ EP and she recently followed that up with a brilliant new two-track release titled ‘Pack Your Bivouac’.

The ever forward-thinking and experimental artist uses technology to expand her sonic palette, and this also extends to her live performances where she works with visual artist Jason Baker to create audio visual journeys that blend her experimental approach to live ambient music with immersive visuals.

 You can catch Kayla Painter’s upcoming AV show at Five Miles with Szun Waves on May 29th and witness the spectacular audio-visual experience.

For her guest playlist, Painter has put together a wide-ranging selection of her musical influences and current faves, which includes everything from Eric Chenaux to Aphex Twin.

Tune in below.

Kayla Painter (Live AV Show) & Szun Waves – Buy Tickets.

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