New & Noteworthy: Saudade – Rest EP

Twistedsoul ~ Saudade

The name Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves.


We came across Montreal duo Saudade thanks to our friends at MIMS late last week and we’re so glad that we pressed play. Their five-track EP is a delicate mix of pulsating dub, moody electronics with ambient twinkles and across the recording the duo showcase a snapshot of their diverse palette of sounds. Opening with the eerie sounds of ‘Double Shade’, the duo takes you through a dark and hypnotic soundscapes riddled with throbbing reverbs. With ‘Hidden Tresure’ you’re gently guided along by a steady beat thats’s accompanied by percussive stabs, harp-like plucks and whrilling synths sounds. The calming beatless melodies and enchanting vocals found on closing track ‘Slip’ feels like you’re entering a mysterious dream-world with them and it’s a world you’ll want to revist again and again. We don’t really know much about the duo so we’ll let the music speak for itself. Saudade are most definitely ones to watch.


Rest EP is out now. Buy from Bandcamp.



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