Album: New World Science – Osmos (Movements)

New World Science. Osmos (Movements)

Montreal imprint, Temple, recently unveiled their 5th release in what the label describes as ‘a sincere foray into a fourth world fantasy’.

Comprised of four jams between the newly formed collective of Francis Latreille (Priori), Adam Feingold (Ex-terrestrial), and saxophonist Emmanuel Thibau known as New World Science. The trio with the help of Phoebe Guillemot (Ramzi) and Richard Wenger (R Weng) has created four blissful recordings where disparate synthesiser styles come together by Thibau’s harmonised saxophone musings.

Musically, the album touches on the sparse sounds of Alvin Curran, along with a dusting of Eno and Hassell style Fourth World ambience, with Balearic soundscapes, tribal rhythms and cosmic synth-scapes.

Across Osmos (Movements) you’ll find the trio sauntering between the uncertain spaces between electronic and acoustic, improvisation and production, old and new. Beautiful, subtle, and entrancing compositions suited to suborbital meditations.

There’s much to admire throughout, Movement 1 tips its hat to the fourth world but the hushed new age warmth of Movement 3, is, in particular, stunning.

Tune in below.

Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4


Osmos (Movement) is out now. Buy from Bleep or Boomkat.

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