Album: Known Shaz – Flowerstone Vol. 1

Twistedsoul ~ Known Shaz

New Raw Tapes family member Known Shaz makes a perfect first impression with this stunning five-track EP.

Following stellar releases from Liquid Saloon and Jenny Penkin, Raw Tapes share the first part from Known Shaz’s double-EP.

Flowerstone Vol. 1 is a trippy journey between psychedelic club stompers and deep atmospheric tunes. The Tel Aviv-based artist expertly brings us back to what beat-making is all about.

The record opens with ‘Together’, an atmospheric track which gradually reveals its many layers as rich sounds are added into the mix. Third track ‘Tea Dreams’ is a spaced-out club banger built for the dancefloor, while the closer ‘Raspberry Wave’ is a slo-mo, bass bubbler that leisurely grooves along in an unhurried fashion.

There are lots to love about this EP, although most of the tracks ( apart from the closer) are tantalisingly short lasting just over two minutes.

Once you’ve absorbed Known Shaz’s colourful collage of electro beats and experimental hip-hop vibes, head to Raw Tapes Bandcamp page to buy this incredible EP.


Flowerstone Vol. 1 is out now with Raw Tapes. Buy from Bandcamp.

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