Strangelove Music to release a new collection of works by Frank Harris & Maria Marquez

Frank Harris & Maria Marquez - Echoes

New Zealand label Strangelove Music has announced the release of Echoes a new collection of work from Frank Harris and Maria Marquez.

Scheduled for release on March 29th the nine-track compilation features hidden gems by Harris and Marquez recorded as far back as 1985.

Known as one of the world’s experts at programming the Synclavier, an early digital synthesizer Harris teamed up with Marquez in the mid eighties and released two EP’s.

Though some of the tracks appeared on the duo’s 1987 In A Minor Mode EP, and 1985 ‘Canto Del Pilon’ 7″, this is the first time they have been released in their entirety.

Across the nine songs featured on the upcoming release the American-born musician, producer, engineer and Venezuelan singer merge avante-pop flourishes with tropical lovers rock – somewhat like a South American Sade

Revelling in the embrace of Marquez’s Venezuelan roots and folklore visions combined with Harris’ custom Synclavier synth station, songs such as ‘Canto Del Pílon’ and ‘Tonada de Ordeño’ resonate with a charged future/primitive electricity.

Strangelove Music says “With much contemporary interest in South American electronic music, Echoes is a window into two musicians prescient dreamings of tradition, melody & technology”

The upcoming album is the third release from the label following reissues of Arvo’s ‘Bikini’ in 2018, and Lena D’Agua’s ‘Jardim Zoológica’ in 2017.

Head here to pre-order the album, listen to snippets and check out the tracklist below.


Side A

1. Canto Del Pílon
2. Campesina
3. Ethnocity
4. Tonada De Ordeño

Side B

1. Loveroom
2. Tenderloin
3. Field Trips
4. Bein’ Green
5. Down By the Rio

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