Yelfris Valdés – Aceleyo Ana (TS Premiere)

Twistedsoul - Yelfris Valdés

London-based Cuban artist, composer and trumpet player Yelfris Valdés returns with his self-released new track, ‘Aceleyo Ana’.

The lead track from his forthcoming album For The Ones, ‘Aceleyo Aña’ is a melancholic journey into the origins of his Afro Cuban traditions, using the trumpet to evoke subculture, diaspora, and the occultism of Yoruba religion with powerful and mystic rhythms.

Opening with the mighty wakeup call of his trumpet, that blast is followed by steady drums and percussions which set the hypnotic pace connecting with Aña (divine vibration, bata deity) and interweaving lyesà music, one of the most unknown Afro Cuban genres.

At just over five minutes long, the track has many tempos and mood changes and is utter perfection.

There isn’t much else to say, except, you need to hear this!


Yelfris Valdés will launch his forthcoming album For The Ones at La Linea Festival on Thursday 25th April at Rich Mix. Info here.

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2 thoughts on “Yelfris Valdés – Aceleyo Ana (TS Premiere)

  1. Lovely track
    It’s Iyesa not Lyesa btw.
    Pl change so Cuban culture properly represented.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful music.

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