The Bug & Roger Robinson return as King Midas Sound

The Bug & Roger Robinson return as King Midas Sound

The Bug (aka Kevin Martin), and poet Roger Robinson team up once again under the guise of King Midas Sound for a new album, ‘Solitude’.

The 12-track project will see the light of day tomorrow via Cosmo Rhythmatic, and it’s their first release since Fennesz collaboration Edition1 on Ninja Tune which dropped in 2015.

The label describes Solitude as “a meditation on loss – like listening to the tenderness of love disappear and it being replaced by skewed logic.”

Across the record, Martin provides a predominantly beatless musical backdrop, simultaneously minimal and menacing, but periodically extremely beautiful. It stalks the isolated characters created by Robinson’s haunting vocals; as the poet shapes, the protagonists troubled lives into increasingly desolate narratives.

Opening with ‘Your Disappear’ a slow-burning affair that combines Robinsons deep-flowing tones with Martin’s dark soundscapes. With its dark undertones and gloomy bleakness this atmospheric track will leave a lasting impression.

Reach for the headphones, turn the lights out and immerse yourselves.


1. You Disappear
2. Zeros
3. In The Night
4. Too Late
5. Alone
6. Who
7. Lies
8. The Lonely
9. Bluebird
10. Missing You
11. Her Body
12. X

Solitude LP arrives on tomorrow via Cosmo Rhythmatic. Pre-order from Boomkat.


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