Y-Bayani And His Band of Enlightenment, Reason And Love share two-track 7″

y-bayani and his band of enlightenment, reason and love share two-track 7_A year after impressing just about everyone with his second single Rehwe Mie Enyim, Ghanaian Fanti-reggae artist Y-Bayani (pronounced like Why-Bayani) returns with new music.

As with his earlier releases, Y-Bayani is backed by the uplifing and warming grooves of the Band of Enlightenment, Reason and Love.

The two-track record opens with Asembi Ara Amba, sung in Fanti language, it’s an old Fanti story about having bad luck if you see a vulture up in the sky.

The second track called We Are The Band of Enlightenment, Reason And Love the group share their personal anthem. The song is an uplifting journey kicking off with some heavenly horn playing, followed up by a hymn-like chanting and enters finally into a wall of sound in double time. Seriously the double-time section towards the end is phenomenal!

A breath of fresh air, Y-Bayani and his band once again deliver two more fresh slices of roots reggae.

What’re you waiting for? Press play and enjoy!

Asembi Ara Amba is out on 11/01 via Philophon – pre-order here.

CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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