Steiger preps LP for SDBAN Ultra, shares new track

Twistedsoul - Steiger

Ghent jazz trio Steiger has shared new track ‘Captain Hooker’, taken from the band’s upcoming new album ‘Give Space’, set for release on September 14th via SDBAN Ultra.

The track is a playful and light-hearted composition initially, that ebbs and flows, before taking an adventurous journey into a world of uncertainty.

The trio’s new LP we’re told by the label was “recorded at seven different locations, with the music composed to fit and fight these locations within a dialogue of acoustics, atmospheres and appetition. Field recordings, reverbs, ambient sounds, all collected within the search for the unpredictable, were given space within this dialogue as the essential part of the encounter. As a result, the locations emerge somewhat as a fourth member of the trio. The music – sometimes fixed, sometimes wholly free – takes on an ever-changing journey into their multi-faceted world.”

Breaking away from classical studio practices the band explain:

“Since a classical studio always strives for the best, most comfortable acoustics, the influence of such a space on the music can often be reduced to one kind of sound and environment in which the music develops. We want to break this classical pattern and strive for live recordings without an audience, whereby we create a sound of each location depending on the space and/or location.”

It’s safe to say that Steiger continues to be one of the most interesting and exciting bands around!

Look out for the album next month, but for now, stream the new track below!

Tracklisting (CD):

1. And There They Stood
2. Captain Hooker
3. Chin-de-Dah
4. Cripplewood
5. Female Pope
6. Deimos
7. Henri’s Entropic Blimp Flight
8. The Lady, the Llama and the Dog

Different tracklisting than the vinyl record


Give Space will be released on 14/09 – pre-order from Bandcamp.

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