WeTalkMusic EP1 – Bonobo & Hundred Waters

WeTalkMusic EP1 - Bonobo & Hundred Waters

Amsterdam-based cloud file sharing service WeTransfer kicked off the first episode of WeTalkMusic last week. Together with host Thris Tian they sat down with Bonobo and Hundred Waters to talk about tracks that have defined them in a way that goes beyond the formulaic interview form.

“WeTalkMusic digs into who artists are, and how that identity formed,” said Lukas Nieuwenhuijsen, WeTransfer’s Music Partnership Director. “In this series we explore tracks that inspire and define them in ways that go beyond the formulaic interview format. We want artists to show different sides of themselves by selecting songs based on questions they wouldn’t normally be asked, to avoid the interview responses they’ve been repeating for years.”

The interview took place in Arizona at Form, the uniquely collaborative music festival, where Bonobo was playing and which Hundred Waters organise. They discussed everything from music you would listen to while driving through the desert, trusting his local record store, the brilliance of Bill Callaghan and much more.

“The fact that Bill Callaghan is playing is and of special to me. I listened to a lot of Smog and Bill Callahan in High School and I remember going to his show in college in Gainesville Florida and there was like 40 people there it was like a tiny show and I was so nervous because I was such a fan. It’s just cool to come full circle and see him playing this festival. And this is like the perfect place for Bill Callaghan to play…he is very Americana, desert, very cowboy, dusty, dry, simple songs.” Nicole of Hundred Waters

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