Video: Thundercat – Song For The Dead

One year ago today Thundercat’s released his brilliant mini-album The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam, and to mark the occasion he has shared a new video for one of its tracks, “Song For The Dead.”

The animated visual directed by Ryan McShane shows Thundercat taking a mind-bending journey with a pack of wolves. Director Ryan McShane had this to say about the clip:

“One night in August 2013, I drew a fake cover for Captain Murphy’s ‘Between Villains’. I posted it to Twitter and the villain himself retweeted it, and so did Thundercat,” Thundercat and I started chatting over Twitter after that,” McShane wrote. Then Where The Giants Roam drops, I’m nearing the end of a two-week break where I’ve been spending indoors, drawing in my room. When I heard ‘A Song For The Dead’, this part – 1:49 – gave me the idea to animate. I wanted to animate this few seconds of a transformation as the sound spins around in stereo.

“But I had a few days free, so I decided to block out a full video. Super rough, black-and-white, with NASA footage backgrounds and then I just sent it to Thundercat. He loved it. So I was locked into it now, my first big solo animation. Naturally, the way I work, I made it even harder for myself – adding colors and extra seconds.”

Take a look at it the visual above and head over to our YouTube channel to watch more videos.

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