Audio: Kadhja Bonet – Tears For Lamont & Latenight Munchies

kadhja bonet

If you haven’t had the chance to come across the very talented Kadhja Bonet (Kad-yah Bo-nay), you’re going to be in for a pleasant surprise because her music is fantastic.With only two tracks under her belt, Kadhja is still unknown, but with songs as good as these hopefully this will change very quickly. I would tell you what other artist she sounds like, but truth be told her sound is pretty original and for a new artist that’s pretty impressive. Her debut single “Tears Of Lamont” is a sublime piece of orchestral soul music with a dash of folk on the side and vocals that touch the soul. Her latest song is a collaboration with German producer rj and Mark Maxwell (aka Estii / Yale) as part of the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo last October. Two very special and unique tracks that leave us wanting more. There is not much info out on Bonet right now, so don’t worry about it, just get into the music.

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