DJ Shadow announces his new imprint and first new release in 2 years: The Liquid Amber EP


I love when you’re thinking “when the hell is so and so going to put out some new music?”, then he/she drop a little gem to let you get a taste of what they’ve been working on. DJ Shadow has done just that with the launch of his Liquid Amber label with the release of The Liquid Amber EP featuring a remix of “Six Days” By Machinedrum. The EP also features two new tracks from Shadow entitled “Ghost Town” and “Mob.” Shadow spoke about his new project and his hopes for the label in the future:

“I’m pleased to announce THE LIQUID AMBER EP. This single/EP serves as the opening salvo in what I hope is a long string of music, by myself and others, on my new imprint: LIQUID AMBER. There’s two new songs, “Ghost Town” and “Mob,” and a nifty remix of “Six Days” by Machinedrum.

“Ghost Town” is an ambitious ride through many of the micro-genres within the Future Bass umbrella that have inspired me recently, while “Mob” is an intentionally stripped-down, Cali-certified head-nodder. Both songs were written, programmed, and mixed by myself, and they represent the forward steps I feel I’ve taken as an engineer. The “Six Days” remix was something I asked Machinedrum to knock out as a tour weapon, and he crushed it (naturally), so I felt it deserved a proper release.

I’m excited about this music and the new imprint, and I really appreciate everyone’s time and consideration.”

The Liquid Amber EP is a more than impressive offering that absorbs the listener and leaves them ready for more new Shadow music. I’m looking forward to the next instalment.

Stream below and download “Ghost Town” here.

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