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“You rep for the ends, now it’s time for the ends to let you go.” So begins the sample on “First Mark,” the epic opener on Lil Silva‘s new Mabel EP.

It’s an apt statement as he faces 2014, having gone from the Macabre Unit grime crew in Bedford to the key producer on one of the biggest US pop albums of the year.

Now, still only 24 years old, he’s stepped up as songwriter and vocalist with the Mabel EP featuring two tracks with BANKS. His writing relationship with the Los Angeles-based pop-star has only gotten stronger since she sent him the track that became last year’s “Work,” having shaped her sound from the start and as one of the main producers on her forthcoming debut record, Goddess.

The EP, recorded and finished between studios at his home in Bedford, London and Los Angeles, highlights this exciting, ongoing transformation. His voice is warm and rich on a bruised slow jam duet about seeing a woman with the wrong man (“Right For You ft. BANKS”) and in the strong stick-in-your-brain-for-months melody of “Don’t You Love ft BANKS.” On the EP’s title track, the old familiar Lil Silva is there in the weighty thuds and tinny kick, but the fluid R&B hook shows the new one is in control.

Mabel is the artistic unfolding of a unique British producer. The EP is out now via Good Years /True Panther.


01. First Mark

02. Kimmy

03. Don’t You Love (feat. BANKS)

04. Mabel

05. Right For You (feat. BANKS)

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