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North London rapper and Twistedsoul favourite Little Simz is clearly feeling seriously generous, as she let loose a new free 4-track EP.  It’s a little over a month since we we’re raving about her debut EP E.D.G.E and now we’re treated to even more music from Simz.

The four-song EP includes the already heard cut “Have I,” which finds Simz spitting on a Da-P dabeatX’s instrumental “Tortoise”. The project also features “Sleep Paralysis,” Little Simz’s soulful collaboration with Emerson Brooks. While her music lies deeply within hip-hop, you can hear the merger of more experimental influences, especially on the opening cut “Homosapiens VS Aliens,” with its otherworldy sound. Recently, more than ever, we’re beginning to see rappers branch out to much more unique styles and Simz is definitely pushing the boundaries on this project.

In the words of Little Simz:

“So the whole point of doing this mini-EP was basically… there is no point.

I feel like when you always try and justify something or there always has to be a purpose to something, it kinda loses everything.

Sometimes I like to be spontaneous, sometimes I like to do things out of the extraordinary, sometimes I don’t like to think about what I do and I just like to do it. I simply just cant get enough of making music, I can’t get enough of putting out music and just giving my friends something new.

This is also a great way of introducing the world to my label AGE 101. I know a few of you have heard the name floating about but weren’t sure what it was. It’s my own imprint and apart from myself on the roster, I’m proud to announce that OTG (an amazing producer from London who produced a few highlights from my E.D.G.E project) is now officially a part of it.  I’m just having fun with it, I’m taking my time with it, I’m 20 years old and I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing.”

Stream Little Simz’s Age 101: Drop 1 below and download it here.

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