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E2ykwBA5Yesterday, I received an email from someone by the name of Nathalie. She is part of  Color Brigade Media and asked if I would share her artist’s music with the Twistedsoul family. Now, usually, with emails like this, i’m slightly skeptical and while, I’m not opposed to being exposed to something fresh and new, often the artist is painted as the “Next Big Thing,” when really they’re just mediocre. However, this is not the case with Zoya Mohan an indie folk artist who’s truly forging her own territory.

Zoya is an India-born, Southern California-raised singer-songwriter, currently based in Boston where she is  finishing her final semester at Berklee College of Music, she is in the midst of recording her new album entitled, The Girl Who Used to Live in My Room. Her recent 5-track EP, Letters To Toska, was recorded solely in her room, to maintain the raw, natural feel of her music.

Storyteller and avid traveller, Zoya, is carving a home for herself in the indie folk music world. Unmasking her conscience in her songwriting and orchestral arrangements, these revelations gather Zoya’s experiences and understandings of the lives she has brushed shoulders with.

The result is a distinctive but accessible musical style which fuses confessional, personal lyrics with influences from across the musical spectrum.

Get familiar with her music and name now because Zoya Mohan may just end up becoming one of the breakthrough artists you find out about after the fact.


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