Audio: Kwamie Liv-comin THRU


We first heard Kwamie Liv in the dead of night, dripping out of speakers with cool restrain and hushed vocals. Her music was made for it; dense, brooding and as sultry as the shadowed streets that were just waiting to burst back in to life. Well, forget those images and forget them right now. New track ‘Comin Thru’ sees her stepping out of the dark and in to the bright light of day. She’s still got those hushed vocals that we heard on “5 AM,” but this song has a chilled out, summer vibe and the catchiest chorus we’ve heard from her yet.The production veers into  M.I.A. territory, not quite as gangsta and all the better for it. The track was named as Zane Lowe’s Next Hype record of the day. Take a listen to hear why.

Kwamie’s debut project Lost in The Girl is dropping on August 13th.

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