All Styles, Today's

Audio: Today’s Ear Vitamins

We’re back with another “Today’s” playlist – our favourite new sounds discovered over on SoundCloud. We’ve fifteen nuggets for you to listen to since our last selection. Expect to hear sounds from Kwamie Liv, Akase, Laurence Guy, DJ Pupo, Gossamer,  Sau Poler, and more. We also have two tracks from thestan4rd members Bobby Raps and […]

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Audio: Kwamie Liv-comin THRU

We first heard Kwamie Liv in the dead of night, dripping out of speakers with cool restrain and hushed vocals. Her music was made for it; dense, brooding and as sultry as the shadowed streets that were just waiting to burst back in to life. Well, forget those images and forget them right now. New track ‘Comin Thru’ […]

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Electronic R&B

Audio: Kwamie Liv-Follow You

Danish singer Kwamie Liv caught our attention with her sultry vocals and downtempo R&B/electronic beats of previous single,’5AM‘, where she sounded a bit reminiscent of Lana Del Rey. The talented newcomer returns with more forward-thinking R&B that is sure to pique your interest. On her new single ‘ Follow You’ you’ll be instantly drawn in by […]

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