Experimental Hip Hop

Audio: Pyramid Vritra – Track Three

Hal Williams aka Pyramid Vritra is about to drop a new EP. According to Stones Throw, Palace is 6 tracks, in the concept of the record as the palace, a corridor of music, with each track representing a different room. The  main goal for Vritra with this EP was to shift the attention from the beats and […]

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Hip Hop, Leftfield, Rap

Album Stream:Pyramid Vritra-Indra

22 year-old, LA-based Pyramid Vritra has released his brand new project entitled “Indra,” the 16-track LP is available to stream for free. The album swings in and out of darkness and highlights Pyramid Vritra’s knack for rhyming and making obscure beats – all sample free and entirely produced by Vritra. The rapper revealed that on Indra his production and lyrics contain a […]

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