Album Stream:Pyramid Vritra-Indra


22 year-old, LA-based Pyramid Vritra has released his brand new project entitled “Indra,” the 16-track LP is available to stream for free. The album swings in and out of darkness and highlights Pyramid Vritra’s knack for rhyming and making obscure beats – all sample free and entirely produced by Vritra.

The rapper revealed that on Indra his production and lyrics contain a lot of emotion. Adding, ‘there’s fluidity and a calm in the midst of complexity.’ Which might explain his name, Pyramid Vritra, which has two parts to it, he adds, ‘the pyramid has sides that are steep and smooth. Vritra is both a god and demon – a demon who kept the waters of the world captive until he was slain.’

Take some time and listen to the project, and then buy a copy over at Stones Throws Records or iTunes.

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