Aidan Newland – Home (TS Premiere)

It has been our pleasure over the last nine years to discover new names that leave us awe-inspired and eager to explore their musical journey. It used to be that we’d fall in love with an upcoming jazz artist now and then. Nowadays, it seems like every week, a new name appears and grabs our attention. It’s incredible how the jazz scene has flourished lately, with a constant stream of new and talented artists emerging. You can add Aidan Newland to the ever-growing pool of young jazz musicians who offer fresh perspectives and innovative sounds.

The London-based saxophonist and composer will drop his debut EP, ‘Home‘, on 24th November.

As soon as the first few saxophone notes of the title track drifted into my ears, I instantly fell in love with Newland’s tranquil and spacious ambient jazz soundscapes.

At times sombre, optimistic at others – ‘Home’ is an impressive debut release from this monumentally talented young musician at the beginning of his journey.

The title track is a mere taste of bigger things to come next month, so sit back, relax, and let yourself be swept away by the meditative sounds of Aidan Newland.

CF Smith

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