Step Into The Dystopian Jazz Universe Of Coma World

Coma Wong is the latest offering from the experimental jazz duo Betamax and Pete Bennie, who enlist graphic and sound artist Raimund Wong (Floating World Pictures). This eclectic album offers 13 tracks of rhythmadelic drumming, deep bass grooves, and expertly layered tape loops that evoke dystopian yet psychedelic landscapes.

Tracks like ‘Calamari’ and ‘Tsunami’ showcase the duo’s talent for crafting propulsive grooves, while ‘Moon Camel’ and ‘Jupiter’ take a more atmospheric approach. ‘White Dice’ is a highlight, building tension through its off-kilter time signature. The two-part ‘Hall of Mirrors’ arouses our curiosity further, serving as an interlude midway through the record. We’re met with a cacophony of noise, adding a touch of intrigue and providing a sudden divergence from the rest of the record. It effortlessly captures the listener’s attention immediately, leaving you eager to delve deeper into the musical universe of a duo that constantly asks new questions.

Overall, Coma Wong is a transportive listening experience, pulling you into its immersive sonic world. Fans of artists like Edrix Puzzle, Lunch Money Life, and Planet Battagon will love Coma World‘s adventurous brand of improvised electronic jazz. Raimund Wong, who adds striking tape loops, further enhances their sound. Coma Wong is a trip worth taking for those looking for something bold and experimental.

Twistedsoul Team

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