Video: Rave At Your Fictional Borders – New In Town (TS Premiere)

Rave At Your Fictional Borders (RAYFB) is a collective led by the brilliant Dave De Rose and completed by the equally talented Jon Scott, Marius Mathiszik, and Henning Rohschürmann. Their debut EP was released earlier this year, and now they are back with their latest endeavour. 

The title of their new EP is ‘Potion Trigger’, which, as the press release explains, “alludes to a global awakening as our collective tapestry unfurls, exposing the festering flaws in society. It signifies a gradual realization that those in positions of power have forgotten their commitment to the people.”

A few years ago, we came across the multi-talented De Rose through his unique improvised jazz Agile Experiments project that grabbed our attention. While jazz remains in this project, it is infused with electronic, ambient, and techno sensibilities that offer a refreshing twist on the three genres.

It’s a difficult choice, but the standout track for us is “New In Town”. With its dense and dub-influenced sound, this song has left us thrilled. Today, we are delighted to premiere it exclusively on our site. Be warned, once you hear it, this track has a way of embedding itself in your mind; prepare to get hooked! 

If you’re in the UK, you can catch the band live performing their new work:

17th November, Pan Pan, Birmingham, UK

18th November, ‘Potion Trigger’ Album Launch, EFG London Jazz

Festival, The Crypt, Camberwell, London, UK

19th November, Whiskey Blue, Southampton, UK

The ‘potion’ serves as the elixir of collective revelation, a taste of the unfiltered reality we must confront. This ‘trigger,’ a ripple in the waters of our awakening, represents the surge of momentum as we ascend to a heightened state of awareness. The EP’s titles and music weave a narrative inspired by real-life border-crossing experiences.

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