The Offline – Un bout de chemin (TS Premiere)

So far, Hamburg’s crate-digging, cinematic soul maestro Felix Müller, aka The Offline, has shared two mesmerising tracks, ‘La mission commence’ and ‘Cap Camarat’, from his forthcoming La couleur de la mer album. Today, we’re sharing the latest glimpse, Un bout de chemin. Cellist Martin Bentz’s soaring strings create the perfect backdrop for The Offline’s cinematic music. Taking it all in and enjoying it is the road to bliss.

“Un bout de chemin, which means something like a bit of a journey, felt right for the rolling rhythm and the driven cello, but also in terms of the dramatic structure of the track. For me it felt like someone is pursuing a goal and this track tells a part of the journey. The name came about when I had the order of the album ready.”

The Offline

The Offline continues to show off his talents, crafting a calming and captivating soundscape. Un bout de chemin is a beautiful piece of music that provides a unique journey for the listener.

Throughout the track, Müller lays down a soundscape that titillates between soulful cello ostinato, synth melodies and a splash of wah-gated, funk-inspired guitar parts.

Check out the premiere below, and whilst you’re at it, peep the previous singles here.

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