Chicago trio Hearsay announce genre-defying second album, Glossolalia

Photo by Augustine Esterhammer-Fic.

Drums, cello, and turntable trio Hearsay are preparing to release their new album next month. On 29th September, their second album, entitled Glossolalia, will be released on Chicago’s Amalgam label, following up on their self-titled debut in 2021.

As a trio, Hearingsay’s members include visionary experimental sound artist Allen Moore, versatile cellist/guitarist/composer Ishmael Ali, and dynamic drummer Bill Harris.

The upcoming album expands on the adventurous techniques explored in their self-titled debut album and is described as “a mesmerising blend of textures, as if conjured from another dimension, leaving listeners both spellbound and invigorated.”

Often incorporating found objects and materials into the recordings, Moore’s contributions result from a radical process of casting records by hand (pictured below). The ghostly sounds of the hand-cast records are then layered over samples of Black soul, jazz and hip-hop and voices from the Black Diaspora (friends, family, and prominent Black figures). Using Bill Harris’s instinctual drumming and Ishmael Ali’s deep explorations of melody, texture and tonality, Moore weaves his turntablist experiments into the fabric.

Ahead of the album’s release, they have unveiled their boundary-bending lead track ‘Falling Upwards Through the Golden Light’. Pre-order the limited edition cassette or digital download via the link below.

This one will appeal to fans of Valentina Magaletti, Maria Chavez, Deantoni Parks, and Anteloper.

Glossolalia is a testament to the boundless creativity that emerged during their fruitful recording sessions. Pushing the boundaries of experimental music even further, this latest offering embraces a vast sonic palette, seamlessly interweaving timbres, grooves, and a compelling interplay that defies categorization but evokes familiarity and wonder.

Benny Toms

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