Guest Playlist: Maya Law

To coincide with the release of her new track, singer-songwriter Maya Law delivers a stunning guest playlist of inspirational music.

You might not know her name yet, but you’ll soon hear it everywhere. With an original style and powerful voice, Maya is already making waves, and she’s just getting started. With the release of her new single, ‘6AM’, Law is poised to become a vital voice in the music world.

This is her fourth release this year. It signals what she calls a ‘new era Maya’ with a refined sound that leans towards the electronic side of soul, R&B and jazz.

For ‘6AM’, she recalls a heavy night of intoxication that weaves together themes of desire and betrayal. Longtime collaborator Freya Roy produced the single, which is driven by Maya’s faultless vocals and spellbinding electric guitar work provided by Roy.

Listen to the track above.

Speaking about the playlist, Maya explains:

“All these tracks have left a musical mark on me whether they directly have inspired my own tunes or not. I grew up with soul from my parents, 90s RnB from my sister, and reggae from my brother. I’m quite comfortable with my style and genre changing tune by tune, and I think I have my family to thank for that. This is just a snippet of inspiration for ‘6AM’, and my next few tunes could be totally different. I’m looking forward to seeing what falls out of me next. “

Take a listen to the new track and playlist, and stay tuned for more from Law!

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