‘New Future City Radio’ — An Urban Musical Dystopia

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‘New Future City Radio’, a product of the duo collaboration between musicians Damon Locks and Rob Mazurek, perfectly exemplifies urban music at its core. A powerhouse that is definitely on the top of the list of 2023’s latest musical albums, New Future City Radio possesses a vibe that is nothing short of unique and moving.

With the excellent direction and production of New Future City Radio, it is obvious that the chemistry between Locks and Mazurek is a match made in heaven. Creating music that is able to command respect in itself is a tough task, but collaborating with a musician on the same footing and same line of thought is an even more complicated task. A task that New Future City Radio hits the home run with.

New Future City Radio features a harmonic combination of different genres that work hand in hand to develop a unique musical theme that resonates with listeners for a long period of time.

One common message that is interwoven all across the album is its rebellious nature that takes the form of charged melodies and lyrics that echo a culture that is familiar to the urban jungles.

Introducing the album with ‘5-4-3-2-1’, New Future City Radio immediately gives off its unique composition, which comes in the form of a mixtape-style radio broadcast track. The next track, ‘Yes!’, showcases the more ominous contemporary elements of New Future City Radio.

The next tracks on the album, namely, ‘The Sun Returns’ and ‘New Future’, which are splashed with flavours of jazz and funk, highlight the more political side that Locks and Mazurek have embodied in their works for decades.

‘Breeze Of Time’ and ‘Your Name Gonna Ring A Bell’ bring an aura of discord that seeks to unsettle listeners into a sense of confusion and curiosity for the things to come. Subsequent songs in the album, such as ‘Droids’ and ‘The Concord Hour’ showcase the futuristic narrative that New Future City Radio tries to convey.

Afterwards, a continuous barrage of minute-long (or even shorter) tracks riddle the album with a lyrical build-up that foretells things to come. These tracks are ‘Future City, ‘10mins Past The Hour’, ‘Support The Youth (With Sound)’, and ‘The Beat’.

From then on, the album goes full-on technological with more complex compositions in the form of tracks such as ‘Flitting Splits Reverb Adage’ and ‘Twilight Shimmer’.

‘Suspense In The Grip Of Suspense’ is one the last lengthy track in the album, which carries over the album to its final arc.‘Polaris Radio’ and ‘Drop’ take on the form of the album’s epilogue. Bringing New Future City Radio’s tale to a close.

Locks and Mazurek were able to fully flaunt their creative prowess with all 40 minutes and 18 tracks of New Future City Radio — artistically blending together improvisation with pre-arranged compositions.

Communicating their message in the form of a radio station that conjures themes of dystopia and change, the musical duo has indeed captured the essence of the new future they have envisioned.

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