Between The Cracks: Essential Albums From Across The Musical Landscape

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for a new Between The Cracks, so once again, the team select eight releases for your musical enjoyment. We’ll give you a brief overview of each release, so you can decide which ones you want to check out. Tune in below to hear our picks, and if you like what you hear, click the links and support the artists.

Meemo Comma – Loverboy

Seeing artists branch out and explore fresh sounds is always exciting as a listener. Meemo Comma perfectly illustrates this with her newest album ‘Loverboy’ which shifts gears from her previous work, speeding up the tempos and rhythms. On ‘Loverboy’, she time travels back to the nineties with trance, breakbeat hardcore and jungle providing the inspiration resulting in an album full of fun, energy and nostalgia.


Lunch Money Life – The God Phone

Vibrant second album from the brilliant London five-piece Lunch Money Life. The album is set in a world where God is proven to exist. Jazz, psychedelia, rock, electronic, and other disparate influences weave together in this reimagined reality. With their irreverent attitude to genres, they gleefully traverse different sounds while maintaining a cohesive vision. The result is a unique and invigorating listening experience. The God Phone is a bold, powerful release that defies classification.


High Pulp – Days In The Desert

Los Angeles-based experimental jazz collective High Pulp continues to impress with their colourful and vivid soundscapes on their third album ‘Days In The Desert’. Arguably the band’s best offering to date, the album is an explosion of electronics, indie rock, and jazz goodness topped off by some sensational guest appearances from the likes of Jeff Parker, Daedelus, Brandee Younger, Kurt Rosenwinkel and more.


Peace Flag Ensemble – Astral Plains

We Are Busy Bodies releases another sure-shot, this time with the Saskatchewan-based improvised jazz collective Peace Flag Ensemble. ‘Astral Plains’ builds upon their debut album 2021s, ‘Noteland’, recalling the late Mark Hollis fused with spacious, blue-sky arrangements and perfectly imperfect spiritual jazz spontaneity.


Jonny Wickham – Terra Boa 

We loved Jonny Wickham’s recent track with its Brazilian-infused jazz vibes. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, now is the perfect time to give his album a go and fall head over heels for his music. Trust us, you won’t regret it! Translating to mean ‘Good Earth’, ‘Terra Boa’ is a record made in homage to Brazil’s vibrant and fertile musical grounds. Handled with deep sensitivity and knowledge, Wickham brings together some of London’s leading Brazilian music specialists, including percussionist Jeremy Shaverin (Alvorada) and drummer Ben Brown (Waaju). The group embrace tradition and lineage whilst forging its unique path through the lens of contemporary jazz and improvised music. One last thing, I just had to shout out to Irini Arabatzi’s vocals on the album because they are incredible.


Immy Owusu – LO-LIFE!

We recommended the second single from Surf Coast multi-instrumentalist Immy Owusu in February last year. The song in question was Mantra, a dreamy slice of Afro-psychedelic rock. Get ready to check out his debut album, which draws inspiration from two influential West African musicians, Ebo Taylor and William Onyeabor. While the psychedelic vibes remain, the album prominently features the iconic highlife sound popularised by Taylor and Onyeabor. It’s a fusion that brings together the best of both worlds! One for the open-minded lover of African music.


Natural Wonder Beauty Concept – Natural Wonder Beauty Concept

And now for something lovely. Natural Wonder Beauty Concept hits the ground running with its debut offering. The project of Ana Roxanne and DJ Python draws from a range of striking elements in their respective genres. Roxanne’s airy vocals and dreamy lyrics match perfectly with Python’s filtering of sounds from the underground. The result is a lush, mesmerising sound that feels simultaneously timeless and totally of the moment. It’s an exquisite exploration of sound that will keep you listening for hours. Stunning stuff. 


Daniel Ögren – Fastingen – 92

If you happened to miss out on the incredible album ‘Fastingen – 92’ by Swedish composer and guitarist Daniel Ögren in 2020 (just like we did), don’t panic! Good news: Mr Bongo is reissuing this highly sought-after, previously out-of-print gem. Ögren’s passion for South American folk music, soul, Nordic folk music and film soundtracks gave birth to something truly extraordinary. The result is a unique, dreamlike, transformative experience that demands immediate attention. Ensure you don’t miss your second chance to get your hands on this musical extravaganza!


Twistedsoul Team

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