Jonny Wickham – Terra Boa (TS Premiere)

When seeking sunshine in our lives, we often turn to the uplifting warmth of Brazilian music. That’s precisely what we get with ‘Terra Boa’, the lead single and title track from London-based bassist and composer Jonny Wickham‘s forthcoming album.

The album is described as “a self-professed love letter to the sprawling rhythmic traditions of Brazil.”

The song is inspired by the vibrant energy of Rio streets during the carnival. It is dominated by percussion, with drummer Ben Brown (Waaju) connecting with Wickham and percussionist Jeremy Shaverin (Alvorada) to create a dynamic blend of Brazilian rhythms. The track also features Greg Sanders (Juanita Euka) on guitar and celebrated vocalist Irini Arabatzi. She performs lyrics by Ines Loubet Franco (Caravela). The result is an uplifting and celebratory track infused with exceptional energy and joy. It’s a song that expresses the power of carnival and unites us in a shared experience.

I wanted to capture the upbeat, intoxicated vibe of carnival, celebration and caipirinhas. Terra Boa is meant to channel the feeling of these tiny Rio streets, full of love, that can’t hold the millions of people in them from bursting into song and having fun together in the sun.

Jonny Wickham

At its heart lies a deep respect for Brazilian music and its traditions, but with a progressive spirit to move the music forward. It’s a reminder that music is an ever-evolving art form and that a fresh perspective can lead to beautiful and unexpected results.

Take a break for four minutes and let go of everything. Enjoy the track below.

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